Colonoscopy For Colon Cancer!

There are a number of people that suffer from colon and rectum issues in Maryland, USA . However, they have found a caring and compassionate doctor in Dr. Lisa Marie Cannon. She is a surgeon who has a big heart and cares for all her patients. Known for her expertise in the treatment of colon and rectum issues, Dr Lisa Marie Cannon is the first choice for patients in the area.

Dr. Cannon states that there are several people who are not aware of the fact that rectum and colon disorders are often the result of poor lifestyle and food habits. When they are neglected for a very long time, they magnify into bigger issues and pose serious health risks to you. Colon cancer is one of them. This cancer attacks both men and women in the USA.

Dr. Lisa Marie Cannon believes that people who have been detected with colon cancer should be treated with dignity and respect. The treatment should be done in the most compassionate and courteous manner. No wonder she is loved and respected in Maryland today. She has a different approach to treatment and is known for her expertise in identifying and treating people who suffer from colon cancer. She also counsels their family and involves them actively in every process of the healing process. She says that not only the patient suffers but the family of the patient passes through a rough phase when their loved one has been diagnosed with colon cancer.

She says that there are several people that suffer from colorectal cancer. This is a killer disease. It is to be noted that colon cancer begins as polyps. With the aid of a colonoscopy, a video of the colon is taken to find polyps. Once detected, they are removed. Some polyps have the tendency to grow into cancer. Many people are unaware of the fact that colorectal cancer again is the second main cause of cancer deaths in the USA. She says that there are preventive ways to prevent this cancer and tools to stop it.

People who are over the age of 50 years are under the risk of colon cancer. There are other people who are African Americans over the age of 45 years that are prone to colon cancer. Anyone that has a change of bowel habits and rectum bleeding are highly susceptible to colon cancer. There are some people that have abdominal pain and a family history of polyps and colorectal cancer- they too are vulnerable to colon cancer.

There is a saying that prevention is better than a cure and when it comes to the probability of colon cancer, you must ensure that you get a colonoscopy done. In fact, 90% of colon cancer cases may be prevented with colonoscopy. Dr. Lisa Marie Cannon says that it very important for you to go in for a colonoscopy in event of any of the above. She also says that colon cancer can hit anyone and so it is wise to be cautious so that you may begin preventive action soon.