Effects Of Heroin

Heroin is a drug that can become very addictive in a short amount of time. It is illegal and is derived from morphine. The drug acts as an analgesic, blocking pain in the body. There are some who can stop taking the drug once they have started, but there are millions who succumb to the way that the drug makes them fee. Tennessee drug treatment centers can help those who want to break the habit. The centers can help the person focus on family and friends, discovering why they turned to heroin to begin with. Doctors are available to safely eliminate the drug from the body. Counselors are present to talk to patients to uncover some of the things in life that can be dealt with in a healthy manner instead of with drugs.

How Heroin Use Impacts Families

There are numerous ways that heroin can affect not just the user but the entire family. You will sometimes discover that the people who use heroin don’t want to talk about the addiction that they have. They sometimes shut themselves off from family and friends. There are some who will experience mood changes in that they will become depressed even after a feeling of euphoria after using the drug.

It almost seems that there is a physical grasp that heroin has on the person. It can tear the person away from family, not allowing them to partake in activities that they once wanted to experience. If the person is living at home, then he might want to remain in a bedroom or go off to an area where he can be alone. Shutting oneself off from others often means going into a deeper depression, which can sometimes lead to suicidal thoughts and thinking that there is no one around who wants to help. Friends are often shut off as well. The person usually won’t take part in sports or outings that were once fun. The lack of support that the person has created doesn’t allow for the person to get the hep that is needed to beat the addiction. If the person enters a drug rehab facility, then he will need as much support from family and friends as possible. Sometimes, family members shun the person who is on heroin because they believe there is no hope.

Money is another aspect to think about when it comes to heroin. It’s a drug that is usually expensive on the market. Money that is made each week from a job is often used to get the drug. This will lead to a lack of funds for other things that are important, such as a house payment, car payment or utilities. Those with children will sometimes find that they don’t have the money to support their family. They won’t have the money to buy food and will begin to ask others for money when they are working a full-time job. When the money supply is gone, it can affect a marriage in that the other spouse usually doesn’t know where the money is going and is struggling to maintain the finances of the household. Some who have been on heroin have lost houses, cars and their children as result of not being able to beat the addiction.

The heroin addiction can lead to health issues that the family would have to see. The immune system is decreased. There is often a greater chance of developing infections, especially pneumonia. There is a greater chance of heart and lung failure. For the family to see a loved one go through these health conditions, it is often heartbreaking. Unless the user gets help, there is nothing that the family can do except sit back and watch the person deteriorate, sinking lower into a hole that eats the body alive. Some who share needles for heroin use have a greater risk of getting HIV or AIDS. This can leave a family devastated as it can affect the spouse if there is a sexual relationship. If there are children born after the virus is contracted, then the children could have the virus as well.

Heroin is a drug that, while giving a pleasurable feeling for a few moments, can destroy a life and the lives of those around the user. It’s best to offer as much support as possible to try to get the person into rehab before the path of destruction is too far gone.