Start Looking Young Again!

All men and women want to retain their natural youthful appearance in spite of the natural aging process. However, the adverse effects of modern lifestyles take a toll on their appearance in the form of wrinkles and sagging skin in prominent areas of most people’s face. Moreover, inadequate sleep, smoking, alcohol consumption, stress, lack of exercise and proper diet only aggravates the situation for these people.

This is the reason why most people especially women are turning their attention to cosmetic surgeries in the form of facelift treatments to regain their natural youthful appearance. DermASAP is a renowned cosmetic surgery clinic in America founded by Dr. Kenneth M Reed,which popular among both men and women forits uniquefacelift cosmetic surgery treatments.

He explains that facelift surgical treatments are comprehensive approach to eliminate facial wrinkles and sagging skin that result from aging. This cosmetic surgery encompasses a wide range of treatments that include minimal inclusive ‘lunchtimelifts’to more elaborate and sophisticated surgeries. Most facelift treatments eliminate excess skinandtighten both the underlining muscles and tissues.

Moreover, such cosmetic surgeries redrape the skin in the areas of the face and neck. Many surgeons also conduct facelift treatment to rectify the mid-face sagging, marionette lines, jowls and a double chin. Most cosmetic surgeons regard facelift surgical treatment or rhytidectomy as the gold standard in facial rejuvenation treatments.


Dr Reed emphasizes most men and women opt for facelift surgical treatments for the following reasons:

  • They feel that their faces does not mirror their youthful spirit, vitality and energy level;
  • Many men and women are under the impression that the sagging excess skin on their faces is a hindrance to their social and career advancement;
  •  Most men and women feel that their skin has some elasticity in spite of visible signs of facial aging; and
  • These people sense that they do not look like themselves every time they look at the reflection of themselves in the mirror. Moreover, they begin to understand that time, heredity, gravity along with exposure to the sun have an adverse effect on their faces.

Dr. Kenneth M Reed clarifies that most facelift surgical treatments focus on the lower facial areas of a patient. This includes jaw line, jowls and cheeks. In these treatments, the surgeons pull and tighten the facial tissues of a patient to restore his/her natural youthful look. For achieving better results, many surgeons use also sophisticated facelift surgical techniques to remove additional fat or soft-tissue fillers from a patient’s face. The incision that a cosmetic surgeon makes on a patient’s face depends on that amount of change the patient wants and area of the face that needs the treatment. However, the ultimate outcome of the facelift cosmetic surgery is always consistent, safe, reliable and durable. This is the reason why both men and women flock to experts at DermASAP for their unique facelift treatments.

Therefore, if you want to regain your natural youthful appearance and reverse the effects of aging contact Dr. Kenneth M Reed and his team of experts at DermASAP today!