All about milk thistle review

Milk Thistle is an excellent herb and milk thistle liver detox has been one of the most commonly used methods to aid liver detoxification.

Milk Thistle is absorbed through your intestines, and the cycle it performs makes sure that it is mostly concentrated in the liver. It is great for helping to reverse damage caused by alcohol and is a fantastic antioxidant. It also helps clear the kidneys and can also help shrink an enlarged liver!

It acts as a mild laxative so many people report weight loss as, often during a liver cleanse, people notice an increase in bile production through more bowel movements etc.

This detox is great for those looking to conceive as often, over toxicity in the body can affect fertility.

It’s energetic uses are fantastic and milk thistle is often used as a herb for anger, jealousy and envy as these emotions in natropathy are linked to the liver/gallbladder. A detoxified body that feels more pure and light will refresh the mind and give you more strength and enthusiasm! The spirit of a this detox is optimism, recovery and ‘life enhancement’.

The seed of the plant forms after the blooming phase has ended. It is the seeds that have been valued as medicine for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

There are no milk thistle cautions concerning ingesting of the seeds by humans, as long as dosage directions are followed. Of course, to gather the seeds on your own and consume them for the health benefits is a little risky, unless you are experienced in plant identification. Plants similar in appearance may not have the same effects on your health.

The benefits to the liver have to do with the removal of toxins. Ridding the blood of toxins is one of the many functions served by the liver. But, if toxic exposure exceeds the liver’s ability to rid itself of them, liver damage can occur.

The only milk thistle cautions relevant to the liver’s health have to do with relying too heavily on the seeds for protection. Unless properly prepared, the active components are not readily absorbed by the body.

If you choose a good supplement, there is really nothing to worry about. But, single ingredient supplements are not the most effective ones, because of poor absorption. The inclusion of other nutrients enhances the amount absorbed into the bloodstream.


Make no mistake about it, when it comes to the skin’s health and appearance, there are no milk thistle cautions, but topically applied antioxidant is more beneficial as it treats liver disorders like cirrhosis

so taking this herb on a daily basis is key to reducing those lymphatic blockages we can feel as lumps. I have been doing this again for about 3 weeks and already I have noticed a big difference. In order to support this process I do daily yoga stretching exercises to help shift the energy and keep my bodily fluids flowing. And something else you might want to do is pour yourself a lovely warm bath and fully immerse yourself in it for a while. Switch off to everything else and fully relax to heighten the experience.