Busting the Myths Surrounding Toothpicks and Dental Floss – When and How Often You Should Use Them


Your dental hygiene is important. You know it is and you hear about it all of the time. When visiting your local dentist, or simply looking for one, you may try thinking over everything you have heard. One of the biggest pieces of information floating around is that you should use toothpicks and dental floss regularly to keep food out from between your teeth. By understanding the proper use of toothpicks and floss, you can avoid serious dental treatments in the future. It gives you a healthier, more beautiful smile with fewer worries. By addressing the myths surrounding toothpicks and floss, you can make smarter choices moving forward.

When it comes to using toothpicks, their main use is removing food from between teeth. When you have food stuck there, this is an effective way to get it out. Doing this relieves any associated discomfort while also lowering the risk of the food rotting in your mouth. It is something that you should do and is why many restaurants provide you with toothpicks. They are effective.

With dental hygiene, however, they are not as good as you might think. Removing food from between teeth is important, but not your biggest concern. Along with removing food, you will want to remove plaque and bacteria from between the teeth. Toothpicks cannot do this. They can only remove the food that you can get to immediately. While they are good in the moment, using a toothpick will not replace the use of floss. The two are not the same in any way and you should not treat them as such. If you do not floss, plaque will continue to build up between your teeth. You will require dental treatments in the future due to this buildup if you do nothing about it.

Floss does get to everything between the teeth. When using floss, it can remove plaque buildup and food. By using it, you can reduce the chances of poor dental hygiene and any future treatments related to that poor hygiene. It can keep your mouth in better condition overall. Not only that, but, by removing both plaque and food, you can have fresher breath. Both of these play a part in bad breath. Removing is one of the few ways to ensure fresh breath.

Do watch out for how you floss. Some people do not floss thoroughly or long enough. One of the problems is the assumption that something is good enough when it is not. You should speak with your local dentist about proper flossing techniques and you should go about flossing in an effective manner to gain the most from it.

You should use toothpicks and floss. The truth here, though, is that floss is far more important. While toothpicks can certainly help, they cannot help anywhere near as much as floss can. Part of proper, healthy dental hygiene is flossing so do not undervalue it. You will want to floss thoroughly and regularly to have stronger, healthier, and more beautiful teeth.