The Unfortunate Consequences of Untreated Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a widespread problem – far more so than many people seem to think. Unfortunately, a substantial number of sex addicts never seek help for this all-consuming affliction. The reasons for such inaction vary, but many of them are related to deep-seated shame and embarrassment. Additionally, admitting that addiction is present is a tall order for many sex addicts. Still, summoning the strength to get the help you need is the key to overcoming sex addiction and reclaiming your life. As you’ll find, avoiding the long-term consequences of ignoring your problem is well worth any embarrassment you initially experience upon seeking out treatment.

Strained Personal Relationships

It’s no surprise that untreated sex addiction often leads to strained relationships and burned bridges. If you’re married or in a committed relationship, engaging in frequent sexual activity with partners outside of your significant other is guaranteed to lead to hurt feelings, betrayed trust and heated arguments. Alternatively, if you abstain from cheating but pressure your partner into engaging in sex acts that make him or her uncomfortable, you’re liable to be faced with similar results. Furthermore, habitually blowing off friends and relatives in the interest of feeding your addiction stands to damage your nonromantic relationships.

Loss of Job and/or Income

Sex addiction can also interfere with your ability to earn a living. Some sex addicts are so consumed by their affliction that they frequently show up to work late and leave early – or only come in when they feel like it. Not surprisingly, this blasé approach to earning a living doesn’t sit well with many employers. Unemployment often awaits sex addicts whose urges prevent them from making regular appearances at work and performing the job duties expected of them. Depending on the addict’s financial situation, job loss can result in unpaid bills, repossessed vehicles and even outright homelessness. If your addiction has prevented you from holding down gainful employment, contact a treatment center that specializes in sex therapy.

Inability to Function

In extreme cases of untreated sex addiction, an addict’s urges can overtake his or her entire existence. Every decision the addict makes is governed by their sexual urges, effectively preventing them from leading a normal life or being a functional member of society. In essence, these individuals become prisoners of sex addiction and are incapable of breaking its hold without the proper guidance. Coupled with badly damaged personal relationships and loss of income, losing control of one’s own life can leave an addict completely drained, both physically and emotionally. Fortunately, while early treatment is ideal for combating sex addiction, it’s never too late to start down the road to recovery.

Sex addiction is used as a source of humor on sitcoms, in movies and throughout other forms of popular media. Although this affliction can easily be mined for comedy when applied to fictional characters whoexist in over-the-top settings, the genuine article is anything but humorous. Failing to seek out the proper treatment for sex addiction can cause irreversible damage to both your personal and professional lives, thus turning your whole world upside down.