Manage The Symptoms And Reduce The Risk Of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) which is also known as Ischemic Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. In America an estimated one fifth of all deaths come as a result of coronary heart disease and more than thirteen million individuals across the state suffer from coronary heart disease. However, by consulting a cardiologist one can manage the symptoms of the disease effectively. Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD is one such cardiologist in Freeport, Maine who has helped millions of people to come out of Ischemic Heart Disease and lead a normal life. He says that coronary heart disease can be managed effectively with a blend of medication, healthy diet and, in some cases, surgery. With the right treatment, the symptoms of CHD can be abridged and the functioning of the heart can be enhanced. The main objective of the medical treatment of or Ischemic Heart Disease survivors is the prevention of a second attack.


Though the specific cause of CHD is unknown there are certain factors that tend to increase the likelihood of developing the disease. This includes:

  • Family history of coronary artery disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis and hypertension
  • Consumption of high amount of saturated fat and trans fat
  • Elevated levels of cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Smoking cigarettes and other forms of tobacco products
  • Leading a sedentary lifestyle
  • Lack of sufficient physical activity

The goals of treating Coronary Heart Disease include

  • Reduce the formation of blood clots
  • Relieve symptoms
  • Reduce risk factors
  • Bypass clogged arteries

Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD states that post coronary heart disease one should maintain a healthy lifestyle which include, maintaining a healthy weight, quitting smoking, managing stress and including physical activity. Moreover, one should take all the medications regularly as prescribed by the doctor as abruptly stopping any medication without informing the doctor might result in serious issues. In case of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention or Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting; one must follow the instructions and recommendations of the doctor strictly. Dr. Gerber states that cardiac rehabilitation can benefit a coronary heart disease survivor to cope with the stress of adjusting to a new lifestyle and how to deal with the fears in the future. He has received various awards and recognitions for his dedication and commitment towards his patients. After obtaining medical degree from Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine; he dedicated his entire life for the wellbeing of the patients. Apart from treating symptoms of coronary heart disease; he also treats congenital heart defects, heart failure and heart rhythm disorders. He has received certification and licensure from FL State Medical License and ME State Medical License and is a certified GAPS practitioner. He is affiliated with Maine Medical Center and Mercy Hospital of Portland in Portland. Dr. Gerber is an advocate of proactive prevention and healthy aging and a representative of the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that Lowell I Gerber MD is one of the most successful cardiologists in the United States who can help in managing the symptoms and reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.