For just $8k a new clinical trial will inject you with young blood to see if it reverses ageing

Who wouldn’t want to turn back time and take advantage of characteristics found in younger people? This age-reversal concept started at Stanford University, when Tony Wyss-Coray set up an experiment to add the plasma of younger mice into older mice to see if any changes occurred. With stronger muscles and better brain connectivity, the research was a success, prompting others to take a closer look at what younger blood can do for aging individuals.


Current Clinical Trial

Ambrosia, a company completely separate from Wyss-Coray, is taking his research to the next level by setting up a clinical trial that will add the blood of a younger person to participants over the age of 35. This trial has drawn a lot of attention. This is partially because of the concept it is looking to research, and the fact that the trials are open to individuals willing to pay $8,000. This isn’t the traditional model when it comes to clinical trials.

Concerns About the Trial

Some in the medical have questions and concerns about the trial, as reported by Science Magazine. The concept of participants paying for entrance into the trial is at the forefront of the controversy. This is followed closely by the fact that there will be no placebo group. Everyone that is part of the trial will receive plasma from a younger individual, and the study will look at the difference in participants after 30 days.

Assistance With the Trial

It takes a lot of people to put together a study that involves the addition of younger blood into an older individual. Wyss-Coray is currently working on a similar clinical trial that focuses solely on giving the plasma to patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In both instances, a pharmaceutical services provider can make the trial run smoothly, providing the necessary staff and organization necessary for success. Companies like G and l scientific can offer insight and valuable help throughout the trial.

Will young blood make a difference in the lives of older adults? While some trials are currently taking place, others like the $8K trial are still in the planning process. Only time will tell if an infusion of plasma from a younger person will really be able to turn back the clock and reverse the signs of aging.