Natural Remedies for Your Children to Avoid Prescription Drugs

Modern western medicine has done much to save the lives of people over the past few decades. Our understanding of medicine has created a host of prescription drugs and similar therapies that can help to enhance a child’s health and prevent them from needing an emergency room visit. Unfortunately, with many of these prescription drugs, there are side effects that you cannot avoid.

Take ADHD for example. There are literally thousands of children who are taking medication for ADHD and it is in the form of amphetamines. The drugs, such as Adderall and Ritalin, that are used to treat ADHD are amphetamine-based compounds that can have drastic long-term effects on children.

This article is going to take you through a list of a few different alternatives to prescription drugs that you can use in order to get the best results for your children without long-term damage.


This is an amino acid that is often found in green tea. You’ll find it in many different forms of tea, but it is the main psychoactive ingredient that creates a sense of calm and relaxation when drinking tea. This amino acid is well-studied and can increase mental capacity through alpha brain waves. This is the brainwave most useful for creative thought.

Studies also show that L-theanine combined with caffeine is a useful combination because it is more effective than either of the substances themselves. L-theanine helps to negate the side effects of caffeine while making the benefits even stronger. For children who are looking for a way to focus without getting amphetamines, this is a great option.

Besides the synergy with caffeine, it is also possible to experience benefits of L-theanine specifically for ADHD patients. People who are suffering from poor sleep quality due to ADHD or the medications they take will find that this natural amino acid can enhance their sleep quality.


Bacopa Monnieri

This is another natural option that has potential for children who are struggling with ADHD or even generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). People who are struggling with anxiety can use bacopa in order to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. This is one of the main mechanisms that makes bacopa monnieri such a powerful cognitive enhancer.

Most of the studies on nootropics and smart drugs show that improved mental performance is almost always a function of reducing anxiety and that is what bacopa is most well-known for doing. If you believe your children are suffering from anxiety of some sort (either social or generalized), then it is a good idea to consider bacopa as a natural remedy.

Mucuna Pruriens

Children who are struggling with ADHD or an inability to focus often are just suffering from a deficiency in certain brain chemicals. For example, mucuna pruriens is a herb that is found in Africa which helps to increase a brain chemical called dopamine. The dopamine brain chemical is responsible for feelings of happiness, but it is also useful for focus and attention.

The great thing about mucuna pruriens is that it is a natural supplement that can help you to overcome the problems that are associated with a lack of focus and attention. This is a great Adderall alternative for your children to stay healthy.

There are many healthy options that come straight from the earth so there is no need to go to prescription drugs right away. Each time your children take these powerful prescription drugs, it creates a potential health risk for the future.

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