Create a Personal Trainer out of Your Phone

Fitness and healthy lifestyle have become extremely popular over the past five years. It is no longer cool to be slim or ‘love your body as it is’ because the new trend is to look sporty and toned up. This is why more and more people join sport clubs, fitness trainings, yoga classes, etc. Unfortunately, there are workaholics who simply have no possibility to spare a couple of hours a day for training in a gym, but they still manage to look great. How? The secret is simple – they use their cellphones as personal trainers owing to the huge number of apps to choose from. Below we prepared five best applications for cellphones that will help you stay fit without overpaying and overworking!


1) Hot5 Fitness

If you buy cellphones Canada you will see that Hot5 Fitness is one of the highest ranking apps on your list of workout apps. It offers nine different personal trainers who offer you various high-intensive 5 minute workouts. It means that if you got home and have five spare minutes, you can simply urn the app on and do 5 easy exercises to keep up your shape. The application also offers a possibility to either tack shorter workouts onto your already existing routine or use any spare minute of your work-off time in order to workout wisely. There you will be able to create your personal workout playlists to find your favorite routines faster and also keep track of the calories burnt during each workout.

2) Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club app offers over 100 full body workouts to work with every muscle and part of your body profoundly. The workouts are led by professional trainers and athletes with huge names, such as Sophia Boutella or Maria Sharapova. During the workout you will be offered a step-by-step program that lasts from as little as 10 minutes to as long as an hour.

3) Yoga Studio

Yoga is a discipline that requires supervision so it is advised to begin from studios, but once you learn its basics you can proceed doing it at home. With the help of Yoga Studio app you will be able to choose your favorite poses and practice them at home. Furthermore, in this app you can choose a pose that you are willing to do and the application will choose several poses that will help you get to your goal faster.

4) FitStar

FitStar is an app that was designed to create extremely personalized workout regimen for every user based on goals, schedule, and progress made. Basically, this is a perfect personal trainer for you, but if you use price checker to verify price for cellphones and for personal trainer services you will see the striking difference between them and clarify the benefits of using an app instead of hiring a trainer. Furthermore, the great news about FitStar is that you need absolutely no equipment for your workouts, there will be no exercises that require much space, and every class can be matched with whatever length of time you have.