A dentist for autistic child needs to be chosen very carefully

dentist for autistic child needs to be chosen very carefully. The dentist needs to be aware of the circumstances and be prepared to handle all of the necessary hurdles. An example of this would be being open to emergency visits. Autistic children have their good and bad days. On the good days, when they are not experiencing much outbursts, would be the ideal time to schedule in the yearly dental visit. Parents would not know in advance of when these days are so they would rely on being able to make an urgent appointment with their dentist for autistic child at short notice. If a relationship is built, then the dentist would be more willing to accept emergency patients. This will also help the kid who would be more at ease with a doctor that they already know than a strange new one. They would also have a deeper understanding on past medical issues. Autistic children need the same level of dental treatments as those without the condition.

The yearly check-up visit is simply to make sure that the teeth is healthy and to take measures to keep it this way. This would include a deep polish or a fluoride treatment. This will keep away cavities for the next couple of months at which time it would need to be reapplied. This is why it is important to stick to the correct dates that the dentist for autistic child gives out and to come back at around that time for the next visit. There are a few extra dental problems experienced by autism kids and which needs to be monitored closely by the dentist for autistic child. They are not very cooperative when it comes to daily routines so it may be a bit harder to stick to the recommended dental hygiene routine. This could lead to the build-up of cavities and will need to be filled in as soon as possible so that the decay does not get a chance to make its way deeper into the tooth.


Habits more common with autistic children are tongue thrusting and bruxism. The latter is a condition which occurs when the teeth is clinched together. When this happens all the time, it will wear down the tooth material causing the tooth to lose structure and become smaller. Seizures are a frequent condition experienced by autistic children. The drug which is used to keep this in check is called Phenytoin. This drug has the adverse reaction of causing a delay in tooth eruption. This will be monitored by the dentist for autistic child and measures will be taken to speed up the process. The dentist for autistic child must be willing to go the extra mile of forming a bond with the kid outside of the office before they are comfortable enough to come in. The rooms must also be as empty as possible. Finally, measures such as sunglasses and earplugs must be in stock so that these children have access to keep away the unwanted stimuli of too much of light and noise.