Green Burial Alternatives: Mummification

Mostly for the history buffs and Egyptology obsessed we have the time old method of burial to choose from even now in 2016. Although the practice had died out for a long time due to accurate historical texts and hyroglifics we can re enact the ancient egyptians.

What was once only available to the likes of King Tut is now available to anyone with a generous life insurance policy (or extravagant personal assets). The modern mummification movement began in the mid-1970s with the Summum organization, founded by Corky Ra after a religious experience he had.

If cryogenics advocates think freezing is the eventual key to reanimation, modern mummifiers, much like their ancient Egyptian counterparts, are convinced that mummification provides the key to assist the person to a happy afterlife (including possible resuscitation).


Interestingly, the service is also offered for pets. Costs for the service run to about $65 grand, which is a major source of income for the donor-supported organization. Ra himself was mummified after his 2008 death, and his gold-covered casket remains to this day in the Summum headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.