The Sad Truth About Hair Loss in Women

For many women, losing their hair represents an affront to their femininity. Indeed, societal expectations are that any type of hair loss is restricted to men. It is certainly true that many men experience hair loss, and it is more common in men, but full or partial hair loss can occur in both sexes for a wide variety of reasons.


Hair loss in women may occur for the following reasons:

  • Alopecia: Though this condition is common to many men, due in part to high levels of the testosterone hormone, it is possible for women to suffer from this condition too. For women who suffer from alopecia, it is very undignified and severely affects the way they feel about themselves.
  • Stress: Though medical science has yet to quantify exactly how stress affects us, it is clear that it can cause full or partial hair loss in both sexes. In fact, many people experience the loss of entire chunks of hair, which can make them feel very anxious about their personal appearance.
  • Medical: For people going through cancer treatments, hair loss is a common side effect. Though the hair loss is clearly caused by a necessary medical treatment, the loss of personal dignity and the feelings of social isolation are no less brutal.

Treatments for Hair Loss in Women

Complete or partial hair loss in women can be caused by a number of factors, but the resulting anxiety, depression, and social isolation that many women feel is very common. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments available that can make women feel confident again. In fact, women’s hair loss treatment in Manchester is even available at reasonable prices.

Some of the most popular treatments are surgical in nature and are rather time consuming, and this type of approach does not suit everyone. Alternately, one may consider wearing a wig, but even modern wigs can look unnatural and feel uncomfortable.

The Enhancer System

One ideal solution that is neither surgical in nature nor uncomfortable like a simple wig, is the Enhancer System. This is an innovative hair loss treatment that allows women to feel as if they have a natural head of hair. It can even be cut and styled at the time of fitting. Here is a brief rundown of how it works:

  • Mesh: After an assessment of the scalp, a durable and tight-fitting mesh is secured to the scalp. Adhesive is not used for this process. Instead, the mesh is held securely to the head by threading strands of existing hair through it. This system is ideal for women who are experiencing partial hair loss.
  • Hair: Once the durable mesh is secured to the scalp, real human hair is then secured to the mesh in sections so that it looks and feels like a natural head of hair. These treatments even include a scalp centrepiece that aids in naturally parting the hair.
  • Styling: One of the best parts about this method of hair loss treatment is that once the hair is secured, it can be cut and styled, which means that you won’t have to get it done again.

Women who are experiencing hair loss for any reason need not feel socially isolated or depressed again. The unique Enhancer System offers an affordable way to have a head of hair the looks and feels completely natural.