Learning the Piano and Watching Fish in an Aquarium are Two Ways to Reduce Stress Levels

Most people are more stressed than they would like. While a minimal amount of stress isn’t bad, and could actually be healthy, when a person is too stressed and it’s starting to impact their lives negatively, they might want to look for ways to destress. Two fantastic ways to lower stress levels are learning the piano and watching the fish in an aquarium. Both of these are shown to positively impact a person’s life and help reduce stress levels almost instantly.


Learning How to Play the Piano to Reduce Stress

Studies have shown that music does help reduce stress significantly. Simply listening to a favorite song can help a person relax almost instantly. However, learning the piano can do even more. When a person learns how to play an instrument, they can see a significant lowering of their stress levels on a regular basis. Anytime they feel a little stressed, they can sit down at the piano and play a few songs they enjoy or learn how to play a new song they might love. In one study, playing the piano was shown to reduce a person’s stress levels more than a variety of other activities.

A person who wants to learn to play piano doesn’t have to take expensive lessons, either. They might not have time in their busy schedule to commit to lessons regularly or not want to set aside a certain amount every month to pay for the teacher. Instead, they might want to look into online lessons. Lessons like those from Playground Sessions online piano lessons, are not as expensive as hiring a teacher and allow the person to practice whenever they want instead of a set time every week.

Watching the Fish in an Aquarium to Get Rid of Stress

Many people enjoy watching aquarium fish, and it’s been proven that doing so can help a person significantly lower their stress levels. Whether they have a small setup with just a few fish or a large saltwater tank, they’re going to love being able to watch the fish move around and interact.

In fact, watching fish is so successful at lowering stress levels, often times people will find aquariums in dental offices. Dental professionals include them in the office knowing that people love to watch the fish and will likely watch them for a while when waiting for their appointment, which can help relax them right before a dental cleaning or dental surgery.

Setting up an aquarium at home doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. A person can choose a smaller aquarium at first and just a few fish they enjoy looking at. Then, they can get advice at the store on how to set up everything so it’s easy to do once they’re home. When the aquarium is set up in a central location in their home, they can enjoy watching the fish anytime they want and get the benefit of lowering their stress levels almost whenever they would like.

If you’re feeling too stressed and want to look for ways to get rid of your stress and feel more relaxed, try learning the piano or getting an aquarium so you can watch the fish whenever you might want. Both of these are things you can start right now to help lower your stress levels without spending a lot of money and can help you feel better almost immediately.