Before You Sign Up For That Gym Membership, Get Your Annual Physical

The New Year means new resolutions to hit the gym and lose that winter weight. However, we all know people who give up on that resolution almost as fast as they made it. The main reason people give up on exercising is the inability to see the results quickly enough. The issue may run deeper, though. According to the CDC, nearly 50% of women exercise in a manner that meets the federal physical fitness standards. Also, according to the CDC, over 30% of women have hypertension or high blood pressure. Those numbers seem like they don’t match if half of the women exercise well enough to meet federal levels than how do one-third have high blood pressure. An annual physical could help.

When you receive an annual physical your doctor will thoroughly check your health. They may uncover high blood pressure, metabolic issues, or rule you in perfect health. Exercising is a great treatment for many things, but every great treatment needs to be targeted. You don’t get prescribed pain pills to cure an infection, for example.


An annual physical gives you the information you need to exercise in a targeted way. You can work with your doctor to design an exercise plan specifically to meet your goals and help whatever underlying health issues you may have. Without an annual physical your exercise may not be focusing on the “gains” you need the most, and that can lead to you not experiencing the effects you want.

Treasure Valley Family Medicine offers thorough annual physical exams and educational information about your health and any risks you might have. They can advise you on how to best minimize those risks and maximize your own “gains”.