A dental implant is the process of getting a new tooth

A dental implant is the process of getting a new tooth. This could be just one tooth or the replacement of the entire set. It is important to note that dental implants are not covered by medical aid so this avenue needs to be settled before finalizing getting them done. It is a months’ long process starting with getting the actual implant inserted and then waiting for it to become firmly lodged into place before the crown can then be attached to it which will take the place of the lost tooth. Considering the extremeness of the situation, those going for the procedure are more than likely to ask, are dental implants painful.

Are dental implants painful in the short term, is the more pressing question? There is a small bit of surgery to have it placed into the jaw of the mouth. The healing of the gum will take a few days but it is the implant in the jaw itself which does provide a bit of uncomfortableness. During the actual insertion, there is no pain to be felt by the patient. The dentist will have you under a conscious sedation anaesthesia. This means you will be awake but due to the medicines, will be in a totally relaxed state and also not feel a thing. It will be done right at the dentist’s office with the sedation wearing out in a couple of hours. The area will be a bit sore and the dentist will write out a prescription to relive any pain stemming from the area.

Are dental implants painful in the long run? In the long run, once the implant has taken to the area and the process is complete, there should be no pain and will in fact feel like a normal part of the mouth, much like regular teeth. Once the implant is firmly in place and the crown has been attached, it is no longer a matter of, are dental implants painful but now just merely getting used to the foreign object in your mouth. In a short time, it will come to feel natural.